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I remember some time ago having a half decent burger in a place by the bridge in Putney. It was at the start of the New burger revolution. All top beef and trendy trimmings. I assume it's gone out of business by now. Anyone know?


Could be Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I've been to that one too. Thriving as far as I know, and likely to be a contender in the BBIL hunt. They seem to have already snapped up a similar accolade from some other outfit: http://www.gbkinfo.com/GBK_NewsItem.php?Item=58

Mark T

Couldn't agree more on the Hoxton synopsis!

On a plus point Rivington bar and grill serves an excellent rare-as-you-like burger.

Other places I liked are Hamburger Union in Soho and Boxwood Cafe (although a bit too chi-chi for this worthy competition).

Good luck on your quest.


Love the blog chaps. It's making me miss London again already. I seem to remember an epsiode of Oprah ages ago where she mentioned an article in GQ about the 20 burgers to try in the US before you die. Now, not being a huge fan of beef unless it's raw with an egg in it, I don't have any intention of checking these out while I'm over here, but I thought you might be interested in the article anyway.


It might be interesting to get in touch with the guy who came up with the list to find out what his criteria for the ultimate burger are.


The Hoxton Diner you mention. Is this the same place where you order a Rolling Rock beer (when, admittedly, drunk) and they serve you a crappy, cheap no-name beer instead - yet try and charge you for the Rolling Rock?

Is it also the same place where, after enjoying a burger there, I saw a mouse. A live one. Wandering through the diner as if he owned the place. The chef happened to be standing in the bar area at the time and when he was told there was a mouse in the house, he said ... "Oh, a mouse." and wandered away.


The Best Burger in London is at the Cross Keys Pub in Chelsea. The Wagyu Burger in a Brioche Bun is amazing

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