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Ben Bush

Nicely put. I didn't realise they'd just added all the replacement dishes to the bill in full. That's very naughty, especially as they weren't completely upfront about some of the wine prices.

My only quibble with your report was the order of the dishes. In my memory, which admittedly is usually worse than yours, (and I know you filched a menu so I am not speaking from a position of any strength), we progressed as follows:

Amouse bouche
Crab and avo
Ham and shrooms
Foie gras
Red mullet
Grapefruit and ginger shot
Chocolate goo (definitely some icecream in there, by the way)
Coffee and calvados (and NO petit fours - a criminal waste of a final chance to show off).

But I might be wrong.


Howard Vaan

Thanks Ben, I've corrected the review with the correct running order. I was obviously still fuddled after the excesses of the weekend.

Alastair Vaan

Wish I'd been there...

Did the leaf in question have a purple upper surface? If so, it looks to me like japanese mustard greens. I can't see from the photo.


Alastair Vaan

Interesting contrast to the tasting menu at Gordon Ramsay on Royal Hospital Road. The tasting menu there, the "menu prestige" was £90. However, what they did for us, nay offered us, was to deliver two very different dishes in every course and a birthday sorbet at the end :-) That was a kitchen really showing off. Impeccable stuff.



I've updated the post with some corrected wine order and some slightly improved wine info.

The upperside of the leaf was green, but with purple veins.


That'll be the stuff then.


aahh... really looking forward to our visit on the 26th of October now! We have booked downstairs, though, in the Atelier, and I hear that the tasting menu is only £55? Definitely cheaper than the Fat Duck! (good thing I can't drink at the moment, too, makes everything more affordable for a change!)
I've been to the Paris one and was completely bowled over - a tasting menu for 100 Euros that left me more of an impression than Guy Savoy the night before. Can't wait to chat on the 28th for the salt & butter tasting!

Ben Bush

£55? Upstairs it was £80. If you add service you're nearly up to £100 a head before you've added wine.

Humble Potato

Out of curiosity, the 2nd courseTourte of Crabmeat, the 1/2 shell looks like young coconut, hope i am wrong!

Ben Bush

It's not a coconut. It's a ceramic egg . . .

Loving Annie

The grapefruit and ginger shot sounds good :)

I've got it on my list of places to try in April, but will be forewarned about the prices for any substitutions, thanks !

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