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berry casey

We're shortly coming up to our second year of Haché so I guess we're still in the process of consolidating the brand, therefore it's great to get such informed feed-back.
By taking a different approach from other burger outlets, and create a more 'off-the-wall' eating experience, it has been vital to get both customers' reactions as well as opinions from restaurant critics.
The most pleasing press review was from Guy Dimond of Time Out after his first visit who said, "Haché is a proper restaurant which happens to serve burgers. You could even come here on a smoochy date".
While the first priority must be the quality of the food, especially the 'core' ingredients - customers, even those in our target age group have become increasingly discerning.
We felt it was equally important for the dining experience to be enjoyable, even unique, hence our decision to have waiting service.
Of course steering clear of a fast food approach to burgers brings it's own surprises. Despite being essentially a burger restaurant, with prices more or less in line with other quality burger establishments, customers' expectations are high. We have lots of emailed comments and advice relating to our wine selection (we sell a surprising amount of champagne).
The restaurant business is, at the end of the day, show business and concepts can go in and out of fashion.
Ultimately however, in my experience, the established adage of providing the best possible quality food at reasonable costs is the best formula for longevity. Hopefully the 'Haché experience' we're continually working on will prove to be the 'x' ingredient which will help us to achieve this.
Berry Casey
Managing Director
Haché Burger Connoisseurs

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