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The Old Foodie.

So why didn't they offer you some English mustard? England has a grand tradition of mustard making.

Ben Bush

They did offer some English mustard, but that wasn't really what Harry wanted. I agree that England has a great mustard tradition, but it's definitely a different, much hotter, style. Dijon mustard is a great, one might almost say standard accompaniment, to steak and I would expect a restaurant to be able to offer it.

There's a question here of whether it's a matter of style or provenance. Would they have been prepared to offer a 'Dijon' mustard made in England?

Ben Bush

You asked for a comment so here goes: I've been two or three times and while it's generally been pretty good I'm not surprised you were somewhat underwhelmed. This place has so much going for it: the location, the ingredients, the menu, the style. It should be fantastic, and in theory it is. It's just that in practice it doesn't always cut the mustard (sorry!) in small but important ways. Maybe it's because we want to like it so much that we set it such high standards. But I will keep going back for more. I'd miss it if it wasn't there.

Alastair Vaan

I had a wonderful hot chocolate there last week, and it's great respite from the market's busy bustle. I can understand the "expectation" thing though. It _should_ be great because we want it to be. The menu certainly made me drool. I'm praying it has a good day when I finally drop in for food...

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