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James Drace-Francis

I also attended Humpers' Dinner and was blown away by the Boxwood. Having not expected anything special due to a few snide reviews from not long after it opened, I found it an irresistible combination of a wonderful location (which by the way is a doddle to drive to and park at after a certain hour), a beautiful room and some simply delicious food. Pork, guinea fowl, doughnuts, yum. Bouette eat your heart out, 3-0. The wine list is pretty accessible really, Al chose reasonably priced classics so as not to damage Mark's wallet too badly, we want this event to continue after all, but it looked like there were a few gems just off the beaten track.

And the service - well it's really a training ground for Ramsay's higher profile joints - one or two misunderstandings due to inexperience but by god they worked at it. Really attentive. And the one thing that Emma and I always treasure is the lack of pretension and snootiness that you get at so many supposedly great hotels (e.g. the Berkeley when you ask where the Boxwood is), restaurants and airlines these days.. we felt instantly at home. Loved it. JDF

King Salecieye

Please tell me where I can get th best curry in London?

Ben Bush

Well the best one I've had recently was a big pre-Christmas blow-out at New Tayyabs in Whitechapel. See http://londonfood.typepad.com/stuff/2006/12/last_night_was_.html for a report on the evening. For further information you might try looking on Chowhound: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/341390

zakłady bukmacherskie

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London Hotels

Its always sad when us men decide to forsake so called "fine-foods" for the good ol' meaty red burger... but always delicicious. Because I travel a lot using Last Minute Travel, I can't help but sometime forsake the restaurant and just grab a burger at a local joint.

Ben Bush

Much as I'm enjoying your fascinating posts, can you stop now? I'm sure LMT is a wonderful service but this is not a PR tool or a link-building service.

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