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Aidan Brooks

Although I've been brought up no more than a mile away from Hoxton Street, I've yet to visit Bacchus. I will now, though. Cheers, Trig.

Scott at Real Epicurean

It looks amazing, and you have taken absolutely beautiful photographs. If you ever want to share any tips, I'm interested!

The use of "foam" type sauces is very much in at the moment.


thanks for the snaps. what type of camera are you using and on what setting? We took a ton of photos of our food at Bacchus, but not very carefully...blurry foamy messes, unfortunately. Am adding you as a link from my site in a sec

Tom Dyckhoff

This restaurant has attracted reviews at either ends of the praise spectrum. Some, like you, love it. Others like Time Out's Guy Dimond, absolutely slated it. I'm with Guy on this. Absolutely, without a doubt, the worst meal of my entire life. Yep, lovely staff, nice looking place, but inept combinations of flavours, ineptly cooked, vastly expensive. Like El Bulli done by Rodney Trotter. I'm a greedy pig, so it takes a lot for me not to eat what's on my plate, but for the first time in my life, much of the food was so actually unpleasant to eat I had to leave it. And at these prices too.

Ben Bush

I've seen Fay Maschler's and Guy Dimond's reviews . . . and now your comment too. Maybe there's some variability from night to night or maybe it's just love it or hate it place? Apart from the actual cooking, I just like the fact that someone's trying to do this kind of thing . . . i.e. bringing scientific cooking techniques into an informal setting.

Kirsten Beasley

I can't wait to eat at this place. I know the chef's food and it is the greatest most delicious most passionate tasting food I've ever had! I'm looking forward to one of the best, if not THE best meals I've had in my entire lifetime!

Kirsten Beasley

I can't wait to eat at Bacchus. I know chef Nuno's food and it is exceptional. His food is inventive yet delicious and basic at its core - I am so psyched to eat it again!

maria verivaki

lamb served with figs AND cocoa? you've got to be off your rocker.
i love the variety that London has to offer in terms of food, but i prefer my sweet to be separate form my savoury.
this is a very interesting blog - mind if i add a link to it on my own?

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