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Ben Bush

Good to have you back with us, Howard, and on fine form too. An impressive memory for details after so long. Fairly sure Mark had snail and bacon salad at the A&H. Did Alastair really have brains? Can't believe I missed snaffling a few of those...

Alastair Vaan

Mark had a salad of snails and bacon or such like. I remember him being more concerned with the service than the food until the lamb arrived :-)

A great weekend indeed. One thing I really liked about the A&H was the value for money. Rarely have I felt so full per pound spent, anywhere in the UK, let alone London..

Ideas and pitfalls throughout the weekend have been distilled into my restaurant ideal. V. Useful trip indeed - need to make it more regularly!


Alastair Vaan

Nope, it wasn't brains. It was confit pork head (everything but the brains, ears and tongue usually) which had been rendered, pressed, breaded and fried and very much enjoyed. I would hope they had done something similar with the brains at some point (fried that is, they don't exactly need rendering)...

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