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Ben, the Babur is always slightly overrated as far as I am concerned but it is completely different from the take away. Their food is always interesting and bears no relation to normal curry house fare. Have you tried the Dartmouth Arms in Forest Hill? Nothing to write home about but a decent restaurant at decent prices. Franklin's is a favourite. I quite like Villa moura in Lee (near the Tiger's Head), a portugese fish and seafood restuarant.

Ben Bush

Thanks Andy. I haven't tried either of these places. Particularly interested in the Portuguese place. Will make a point of going sometime soon.


I live a 10 minute walk from Franklins and we love it as a local restaurant. It's fairly reliable and as you say, the oysters are always good. We did have one slightly bad experience where they were having a bit of an off night I think but apart from that it's reliable. They do meat well I think and I'm always pleased to see they aren't shy of offal.

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