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Alastair Vaan

Gosh. I shall be asking you to keep zipped after mine ;-) I was debating the ethics of reviewing a place in soft opening, but given that they are now formally open and you paid for the experience then fair cop. Why is service so often overlooked in favour of the food styling? It's a puzzle that amazes me.

Ben Bush

Perhaps the review didn't make it clear. We didn't pay for the food. We only found out that it was soft opening when we came to get the bill though. Before that we'd thought it was normal service. As for the ethics of reviewing a place during soft opening, as long as you make clear in the review that's what the restaurant was doing, why not? It's about as ethical of getting the customers in during this period - you should be able to write about any experience you have. Also, to be fair, we have said that their food's very good.


I was gobsmacked by this piece when I read it the other day and my father and I were having a good laugh - not at you guys of course but at the scene you paint which is worthy of a comedy film. I've had some bad service, but not this bad!

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