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Alastair Vaan

I will admit to being disappointed. I've never felt inclined to leave my seat to make a point to the manager before. I felt inclined to in order to make sure that when our hot courses arrived, that they weren't cold before we got our wine. I never felt there was anyone I could discuss the food or menu choices with sensibly, indeed when I went to see the manager, he wondered why I hadn't asked the manager on my floor. I was never aware there was one there...

The cooking was technically good, but - the game pie lacked the robustness that I lust after this time of year, and the brownie was mediocre. Otherwise the other things were good.

The jelly was some kind of white wine, but not as sweet as I might have expected. It was a good match for that dish. I particularly liked the oatmeal tuile that went with the bavarois.

Overall though a bit of a shame. Perhaps my expectations were too high. Not enough positive to evade the negatives...


I've eaten at Bentley's but have yet to sample the more up-market offerings at Lindsay House. Interesting to read your rather mixed review.

Ben Bush

Sorry you guys suffered a bit, especially from service. That's surprising. I remember being very well looked after by a sweetly bossy type, although from memory that was on the ground floor so maybe that's the secret. I've also never gone for the tasting menu. Sounds a bit fussy, which also surprises. I've only been two or three times but have had some really amazing individual a la carte dishes.

And for the record, I would have struggled to get there on Friday either way. I think I was in Zermatt at the time...

Loving Annie

Hope they get better...

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