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Sounds like just the sort of place I meant in my recent review of Noodle King, when I said if you are going to eat fast food, at least don't go to a greasy burger bar or a pizza house. What a shame, because a really great home-made burger (with chunky chips) can be a great dish to cook and to eat.

Adam Margolis

Sorry you have not got a clue what you are talking about. Ed's Easy Diner has been going for twenty years and have always served the best burgers in London and are 2nd to none, all these new posh burger joints have been popping up all over the place but Ed's offers a great meal with great atmosphere and friendly staff which none of the others do. Ed's was cooking fresh burgers and was concerned about what went in to their bugers long before Hamburger union and GBK.

As Ed say's if you can find a better diner eat there!

I reccomend that you get your tase buds sorted out.

Ben Bush

No need to apologise Adam, but I don't think it's me that's lacking clues. I honestly can't remember a worse dining experience in London. And I've had a few, believe me. Twenty years of business doesn't guarantee quality; if it did McDonald's would be the ultimate fast food dining experience, and please don't tell me you think that's the case. Atmosphere it may have (although not the one I went to at exactly the time it should have been at its most fun and friendly), but the best burgers in London? Please. If you can't find a better diner eat at Ed's, but you won't have been looking very hard.


Ed's Diner is a bit of a joke these days. I honestly think you are better off going to Burger King. Of course, the food at Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Hamburger Union rather blow Ed's away.


I think eds rocks! Although I like GBK, the atmosphere in Eds is something that the newer burger joints will never have. I showed up at the branch just off leicester square last night, and was gutted to see it had closed down! The one on kings road is gone too! what has happened?! I tell everyone i know about their amazzzzing milkshakes...i hope the other branches are still around in london...

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