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Ben Bush

Nice one. Long time since I had a cab home that cost more than my dinner. (I'm not counting all those Diner efforts, by the way: on those occasions 'dinner' starts way before the burger.)


Guys - I don't have a vast amount of money, but give me a shout if you are going out somewhere good locally soon and I'll come for dinner with you. It would be nice to meet up. I still haven't managed to get to Bacchus, but I'm working on it.

Ben Bush

Hi Trig. You're very welcome to join us on an expedition . . . I'll let you know if we're going somewhere reasonably priced.

I tried emailing you from two different email accounts I have and both had problems - is the problem your side?

Try emailing me: howard (at) advaantage.com

I'll delete this post after you do . . .

Antonio Perici

One of the best coffees in London is to be had here. Definitely recommend a visit.

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