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Sounds good. I don't think I've ever come across quail or pomegranate in a Turkish restaurant. Next time you guys are eating somewhere inexpensive like this locally, give me a shout - I'd love to join you. Btw, I'm planning a photo feature on all the world's different national cuisines to be found in Hackney restaurants. I'd appreciate a list of favourite (or untried) ethnic eating houses from you (name and address with postcode). I'll add my own, do some more research and then take a Sunday morning drive around taking photos. Email me anything you've got at aidanDOTbrooksATblueyonderDOTcom. Cheers.


Just got back from the Hackney Central one where I'd never been before. It's not been there all that long, certainly opened after Gibbons furniture and toy store burnt down. This was superb. Not everything came together perfectly, but the chef has a gift that is worthy of much greater things. Especially great with sour flavours, though some things too much to take. Liked the turnip juice but couldn't drink it all. But the salads, especially the pomegranate and turnip, and mezze were excellent. The quail was overcooked, but that's because it was spatchcocked and then roasted - a hard thing to get away with in the case of such a small bird. We spent less than £50 for 2 and pigged ourselves. Great value for money!

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