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One blog you should check out is redvinman.wordpress.com - this is a guy who moved out to Bordeaux country and is writing about his experiences discovering wine


I know the feeling Ben, my wine knowledge also lags consierably behind my food chops. But actually (and say it quietly) is that so bad? I don't agree with giving food and wine equal billing - wine to me is just another constituent to a meal to be put alongside "meat", "fish" "cheese" or another class of food. It certainly adds to a meal but my God is there ever a of guff spouted over it...

Ben Bush

Well quite. On balance I remain happy to admit to my limitations. As with art, I'm afraid, anything that needs to be explained before I can enjoy it leaves me a little cold. On the other hand I will continue to enjoy chatting to well informed sommeliers about what's going to work well with the food. I am convinced we got a more interesting range of food the other night at Hunan (sea bass instead of crispy duck) because we made a bit of an effort with Mr Peng Jnr).


Hmmm, I got sea bass and crispy duck at Hunan. What does that say about me? (Other than that I look like a greedy b@stard)

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