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Totally agree, very average martinis. They served me a dirty vodka martini that was like drinking sea water.


I disagree martinis are good, have you tried raspberry and porn star martini?

Ben Bush

Doesn't sound much like a martini to me...


I agree about the burgers - a distinct lack of simple good quality versions. Cashew nut sauce?!

Richard Elliot

Mooching around the site and found the best burger quest. Have you been to Shake Shack in New York? The world's best burger for me.

*Not in London so understandably might not count!

Ben Bush

Hi Richard. No, the burger quest has taken a bit of a back seat of late, not least because I've been steering clear of carbs for a while now. I think I miss burgers most of all.

Having said that I tend to take a break from the regime whenever I'm on holiday so next time that involves NYC I'll give it a go.

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