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Nice one, Howard. Sounds like you kept your cool all the way, and from the looks of your post it seems it really paid off. I've worked with langoustine many times, and like many shellfish their yield is not nearly as impressive as their appearance.

But anyway, here's to good cooking!

Ben Bush

Thanks Trig, but I don't think Howard will want to claim the credit for this one. Check the smallprint (maybe it's too small) and you'll find it was yours truly. Really was a fantastic day. Need to think of another excuse to do some similarly extravagant catering soon. Barbecue season coming up, of course... watch this space.

Alastair Vaan

Hmm. Must get baptised. ;-)


Oooh. that looks amazing!


I do apologise Ben, indeed I should have paid closer attention to the small print. My bad, I'll be sure to next time.


that looks bloody fantastic.


Just thought I would add a note as oneof the luckies that got to enjoy the feast - it was fantastic!! truely awesome food Ben, thanks!


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