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Alastair Vaan

Comments on stationary food fine. Dismissal of Welsh cookery not fair. Although, I have just looked for food offerings in Betws-y-coed on Google, and you might be right ;-)

Ben Bush

Thanks for gently pointing out the spelling mistake, Alastair. Of course this is the danger of picking on specific locations when you're trying to make a general point: there are always exceptions to prove the rule. Evie has since found the following menu from what I am sure is an esteemed Betws-y-coed establishment:

Confit of grey mullet set on spiced creamed sweetcorn and coriander pesto
Breast of pigeon set on split pea tart with game jus

Main course
Loin of organic Bryn Dowsi lamb with garlic and rosemary mash, puy lentils, sauteed sweet red onions and balsamic and roasted hazelnut oil dressing
Lemon Sole Duglere - creamy shallot, parsley and tomato sauce with smoked salmon new potatoes

Baked vanilla custard with compote of damsons
Blackberry and cinnamon sponge with creme anglaise
Platter of Welsh Cheese

A Welsh tour beckons I think...

Jay Rayner

nothing in your write up surprises me. My thankfuly few experiences of the place are of souless unimaginative cooking and bored patronising service.

Alastair Vaan

Spelling aside, nobody seems able to say it either. It always comes out as "betsy". What I find more shocking though, is that that a large proportion of population over my way can't even do basic welsh pronounciations.


For a moment I thought Mr Rayner was talking about Wales...


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