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Alastair Vaan

The squares on that cube have definitely been peeled at some point. It looks loose from being taken apart too :-)

Ben Bush

Oh ye of little faith. The peeling is a result of 25 years of wear and tear. The blistering (not easy to see in this photo) is the result of being left on the parcel shelf of dad's car on a drive to the South of France. The looseness... Well I confess it may have been taken apart at some point, but not this time. You'll have to take my word for that as I'm not going to mess it up again!

Alastair Vaan

I'm only jealous as my only puzzle solving only got as far as the one trick pony Rubik's Magic, and solving the dragon lock... :-)


Cheers for the great bbq, Ben. The monkfish in particular was fantastic! You've got some great friends too.

Btw I took a hilarious photo of you after you drunkenly crashed out on the sofa. Although I'm sure your readers would love to see it, you'll be glad to know I'll spare your dignity! ;-)

Thanks again for the party

Ben Bush

Thanks Trig. Pictures of the Bush menfolk crashed out on sofas are never going to draw huge sums at auction: they're hardly rare. But thanks for keeping it to yourself. Feel free to email it. I might find a use for it in a future post...

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