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Mike Curtis (Captain Stan)

Thank you for your kind words and generous support for our little fishy enterprise.

When we started selling our daily catch it was very hard. Somedays takings were as low as £50 but we carried on and now business is good. It is even more rewarding to read and hear the support and following the Stan is attracting. My wife Ruth and I love fish, we only want to sell the best of local. It is also good for other local fishermen as they now have a local outlet for their catches and don't have to send it all to London and Spain!

By the way we supply The Essex with all their fish too. Next time you are on the Island try eating at the St Helens. They give a huge support to local suppliers.

Kind regards

Mike & Ruth Curtis

Ben Bush

Thanks Mike. Keep up the good work. This, of course, leaves us with a question, though: just who is the myseterious Stan?

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