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That was really fascinating. The cost differences were amazing too. I found only about 3 of the food displays discouraging - the others featured plenty of fruit & veg (at least if you take their natural environment into account).
Thanks for the link!

Fi KirkP

see? now that I have planted the scurvy seed in your brain...


I have that book! (Hungry Planet) I highly recommend it - love the photos of how every single little thing is wrapped in plastic in Japan.

T Palmer

Hmmm. In addition the Bains worryingly only seem to drink 1 bottle of wine per week and no beer. They don't look very English to me on that showing.

Ben Bush

Still: mayonnaise sandwich... Full marks for creativity.


If ever single image could indicate the state of a nation, this is it.

Mind you, is there any evidence this is a recent photo? The decor and clothing suggests early 90's...Love the carpet.

Also, do they eat the entire contents of their salt pig every week?


Nina K

First, I love your blog. I recently moved to London from New York, where a lot of people consider themselves 'foodies', and could not find any type of blog to stimulate my appetite. That problem's now solved, cheers!

I looked through the Time photo essay, and thought I'd comment on the US. The North Carolina family is junk food central, and the California family is fat! They live in California, surrounded by some of the best fresh produce in the world, and they eat as much of it as, coincidentally, the british. Someone should pay them a visit!

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