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I've never understood why veggies would want to eat something that's manipulated to taste and appear as though a meat product when they're supposed to dislike meat. The whole "facon" thing confuses me completely. I know of another great wya to make smoked mash potato btw. Instead of smoking the potatoes, you smoke the butter over a tray of ice and add that to the mash as you normally would. I've found that fat is much better at absorbing the smokey flavour. Just a thought.

Ben Bush

I agree about the "facon" thing, Trig. Seems bizarre. Having said that, though, those who object to meat on moral grounds can be forgiven for craving some sort of smokey protein-based morsels for breakfast. Talking of which, I sliced the leftover Halloumi into thin "rashers" this morning and gave it no more than a minute or two on each side in a hot griddle pan. Lined up against the Ginger Pig bacon I cooked in the same way it was a pretty good substitute.


I dug out the smoker I got as a present years ago a few weeks back and tried it outside on the bbq with some impressive results. I just need to be brave enough to try it indoors - ideally after I have turned off the smoke alarm...

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