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Isn't one of the supposed side-effects of super-spicy food a high-pitched whining noise? Maybe the James Blunt was a mass hallucination...?


Haha I remember that episode well, but I hope your experience wasn't quite as dramatic as Homer's. The food at this place seems very good value for money as you say. Was the cucumber with raw garlic? I couldn't quite tell from the photo? The two make an interesting combo to say the least

Ben Bush

I think the garlic had been softened slightly in oil before being tossed with the cucumber. It's unexpected but very tasty actually. I wonder whether one could use this combination well in a western menu?


I went to Bar Shu a couple times recently, and on the last visit bit straight into a peppercorn that made a whole side of my face numb. I was completely unprepared, but thankfully my husband had mused out loud over 'Hot & Numbing Beef' on the menu earlier. The waiter giggled and told me it was a 'sichuan peppercorn'. Such a crazy sensation to add to food...
I'm from Vancouver, Canada originally and there's a massive mainland Chinese population there. Most Chinese restaurants are sichuan, so I'm quite exctied to see it spreading through London as well, albeit slowly!


Apparently this place also does a steamboat if you ask nicely, although its not on the menu. Given your recommendation i think i'll go for a visit, thanks!


Yes Bar Shu also serves very interesting szechuan food, I can confirm. The only problem with the peppercorns is that it's impossible to taste any wine.... best stick to beer.


We first went to Snazz Sichuan for my wife's birthday last June 2007, and have become addicted. The food is fantastic and the waiting staff are very ready to help explain the stranger items on the menu. I too also hallucinated on my first visit!

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