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That looks delicious.

I'm trying to think of a bet for Scott now.......

Fi (the bet-winner)

Great write-up and thanks for a brilliant meal.

Just briefly - I don't remember the wines well enough to be specifc either but they were all good and very well chosen. In case it adds anything to this post: I know I had two different and lovely rieslings: a bone dry version from Alsace with the raviolo (looks somewhat scrotal, doesn't it? - and did on the table too), and another more honeyed version later on with something else. I didn't think that was pudding but I can't match a dish to it in my memory. Both delicious. There was a sauvignon blanc (can't remember where from) with the scallop/parmesan and a really nice Kiwi Pinot with the monkfish - which was perfect based on the meatiness of the dish. There was a lovely armagnac too. If I hadn't drunk so much of it all I may have a better recall of what we were drinking!

Now, Ben... shall we have a bet on the rugby world cup? :)


I must say, Ben, that I'm in total admiration of your writing style. Your descriptive narration of schemes of events combined with your story-telling and critical commentary always makes me want to read more and more. It's all looking a bit passé over at Royal Hospital Road in my humble opinion. But to be honest everything is starting to seem a tad cliché to me since my new found knowledge from my relentless research into the audacious New Catalan Cooking. It's sad to admit but we're clearly being left behind here in Blighty!

Ben Bush

Thanks Trig. You're right about it being a tad dated at RHR, but I don't think that's the end of the world. You could say the same about lots of places, including Le Gavroche, which I thought broadly similar in style and quality. If you can suspend any desire you may have to be amazed or wowed by the latest tricks and techniques, then you will have a fantastic meal here. I could, and I did. The question is whether producing very high quality dishes that are maybe a decade behind the current vogue is enough for the coveted third star. I guess that's up to Michelin at the end of the day.

And thanks for the wine memories, Fi. I have a few more details from the bill but not much. I will NOT be betting on England in the World Cup. Unless, maybe, they somehow get to the final...


Thanks for the description Ben, it looked like quite the experience.

It's nice to find a good London food blog. Keep going!

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