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El Bulli Catering? Are they losing money at the restaurant or something :-)


Ben Bush

They might well be. Others are more qualified than me to comment on Adria's business but I remember reading somewhere that he deliberately keeps the cost of the menu relatively low and is not really interested in money or celebrity trappings - still drives a clapped out Volvo or something. So maybe it's just a way of keeping the wolf from the door. I think Howard was saying something the other night about a number of other business ventures... Or maybe he was just doing these guys a favour. Jealous? Moi?


I holiday regularly on the Costa Brava and have been trying to get a reservation at El Bulli for the best part of 3 years. I'm pretty sure it's actually impossible - the restaurant is a money laundering front or something. Doesn't actually serve any food.

Seriously though, I have read in various places that El Bulli the restaurant doesn't make much - if any - money. However walk into any reasonably large Spanish supermarket and his range of flavoured olive oils are all over the place, so maybe that's the trick.

Was nice to meet you last night by the way!

Ben Bush

Thanks Chris. Although unless my brain is even more addled than usual (and frankly I wouldn't rule it out) I'm not sure actually did meet last night. I assume you met Howard...?


I'm starting to think I may be living in the wrong city...

Ben Bush

Hi Chris, it was me you met.

El Bulli - flavoured oils, crisps, catering, a fast food outfit . . . and all to subsidise a restaurant!


Oops sorry yes - didn't even check the authorship, I forgot this site was a joint venture!


The menu sounds good - I had no idea that ElBulli did catering too, though it doesn't sound so surprising. I've just sent in a reservation to dine at ElBulli - I didn't succeed last year, so I hope to be luckier this year..
And yes, those spherical olives are famous..

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