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But you must tell the story of the lost bag and the phone call...

Ben Bush

You're quite right, Krista. Thanks for the reminder...

At some point during the evening one of our party mislaid a bag. At first he thought he'd checked it in with the coats at Hibiscus and was naturally upset when they couldn't find it. As indeed were the staff. Not much we could do about it, though, but cross our fingers and hope it was left in the pub we'd met in beforehand (the very excellent Windmill on Mill Street). This proved to be the case, and the bag and all its contents were reunited with the owner by tea time. A very happy ending... Except it wasn't quite the end. Someone from Hibiscus (I'm guessing Claire) took time out from what was undoubtedly another busy service to call me at 8 o'clock the next evening to check whether the bag had been found. Customer service is alive and well and living in Mayfair.


Stunning photos and a very interesting review - thanks guys. I keep reading that this restaurant has brought ALL of its staff from the Ludlow operation. Which begs the question - where on earth do they live? If Claire and Claude have found enough money to put up 20-odd people in central London, or equivalent payrises, then there must be more money in this restaurant business than I thought.


"The first time I tried testicle was a home-made effort of Howard's"

What are friends for?

Ben Bush

Hi Chris. According to the sommelier, at least five of them are sharing a flat in Acton. Sounds like a hoot. Maybe they've found similar sharing schemes for the rest of the staff...


Somehow I knew Ben had written this one right from the first sentence.

Ben Bush

Because I always talk bollocks...?


Next time you come to Pembs, I'll take you to where he gets his butter.



It's a shame you didn't have a chance to try out the fois gras ice cream, which was the highlight of my meal when I went to Ludlow.

Oh, and also in that meal we were served a watermelon and olive oil foam, which was disgusting. Sounds a bit like the "Hibiscus soda with smoked olive oil" you mention above, and you didn't sound to keen on that either.

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