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Ahhh, abeno. Thanks for reminding me I haven't tasted the delights of Bulldog sauce in a long time...

Sara - Piperita

I've been in September,founding it just wandering around, and that was an amazing experience!!!
Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!


Abeno Too is awesome :) They do a good lunch menu that's very reasonably priced as well. I don't recommend going there in the middle of a hot summer day though, unless you like melting.

good food

Hi Howard

Great blog you have, super photos :). Like your style and your way of writing.
I discovered you via the OA forum. Now I've added you to my list of favourite blogs.


Helen Yuet Ling Pang

Okonomiyaki at Abeno and Abeno Too is great, and I love the varieties. They're quite authentic too, compared to the ones I've had in Japan. One word of warning though, you'll leave smelling of okonomiyaki, from head to toe! But I think it's worth it...


ooo i remember my friend bringing me to abeno too when i was visiting london last year, and i absolutely love my meal there! i should go visit again.. ;)


I used to teach English in Osaka, Japan where okonomiyaki hails from. In fact my first flat was in the Abeno district of the city. Okonomiyaki was often termed Japanese pizza by my students, however I think it compares better to something like the British dish bubble and squeak actually. It's a batter based dish which apparently the Japanese would make at home from leftovers, as bubble and squeak was in the UK.

There are lots of okonomiyaki restaurants across the Kansai region and Osaka itself, and there are several chain restaurants. I think the most famous is "Chiba" or at least it was when I was in Japan. In the Kanto/Tokyo region the equivalent to okonomiyaki is monjayaki, made with a more liquid batter - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monjayaki. Osaka is also famous for its Takoyaki, which are little balls of okonomiyaki with a piece of octopus inside, smothered with the same Bulldog sauce, mayonnaise and fish flakes that okonomiyaki is.

All of them are great after a night on the beers!

Ben Bush

Thanks Mark. Interesting stuff.

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