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Is it just me, or are other members of the public worn thin by this kind of issue television driven by magpie commissioning editors at Horseferry Road? For those who would rather not inject money into tier two of the multi-channel universe, isn't it rather depressing to find crime, suffering and really bad news in general spun across the telecasted board every evening? Can there be such a things as a quiet revolution? People forget, charm, or oxymoronically, 'a charm offensive' is a powerful means of acheiving something...

maria verivaki

I'm not sure if free-range chicken is always the answer. In Crete, we usually buy free-range hens, but cooking them in the traditional way is a hassle: they require copious amounts of boiling for pilafi - http://organicallycooked.blogspot.com/2007/08/pilafi-chicken-and-rice.html; we don't usually use them for roasting, because they take ages -
http://organicallycooked.blogspot.com/2008/01/roast-chicken.html. If this is not enough, they are far more expensive than non-free-range. Although I agree about not buying turkey for Christmas, I think it's for different reasons.

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