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Mr Ambassador, how you spoil me.

Seriously though, thanks for that. Any piccies? What's vegetable suet though?

I'm sure I've read somewhere a recipe for Scotch eggs made with a smoked fish - salmon or mackerel perhaps? Must get experimenting in the kitchen.

Ben Bush

Didn't take piccies this time. They look like Scotch eggs, if you can imagine such a thing...

Veggie suet seems to be just rendered vegetable fat. Ingredients: vegetable oils (59%), wheat flour and pectin. That's the Atora Light version. Available in the baking section of a supermarket near you.

Liking the sound of the smoked fish version. Kind of re-engineered kedgeree. I may experiment too!


Exactly. Actually, if you had some leftover kedgeree (not possible, shurely?), stuck it in a blender, plastered it to an egg and then fry, you might well be on to a winner - or a cholestoral nightmare.

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