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I'm intrigued in the veggie sausage rolls, let's hear more.


Ben, the gingerbread house (bungalow?) looks fab. I believe the thermal properties of gingerbread make it an excellent substitute for brick and mortar and with a much lower carbon footprint. I'm a little concerned about the lack of windows and the apparently wasted roofspace but these are all issues I'm sure can be resolved by next year. I'd really like to see more of an eco-friendly gingerbread house, some solar panels, ground source heat pump and water recycling but well done anyway.

Ben Bush

What do you mean lack of windows? You mean we went to all that trouble melting boiled sweets into the panels and you didn't even notice? We even built it around a tea light so we could show it off to best effect, although you'll have to take my word for that: too gloomy for photos. The wasted roof space is a fair comment and will be addressed in next year's project. We're putting in for planning permission later this month and expect to begin construction in early summer.

Anthony, I'll put up a quick post separately about the veggie eggs later today...

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