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I can't believe you didn't mention that Pop Idol judge/Magic FM breakfast DJ Neil 'for-some-reason-no-longer-known-as-Dr' Fox was also in there with his family. Is this because you're pretending that you didn't recognise him?

Ben Bush

Well I thought about it but then I would have to have pointed out that it was you who spotted the designer chappie, and before long it would have descended into some sort of shleb spotting competition. And that's a contest I'm never going to win...


Ah, I've read about this place - in design/architectural terms, that is. Good to know that the food is worth a visit, too.


The silver-topped couple in the picture look like Pearly King and Queen... Fancy a 'link exchange'? Douglas.


This looks like a great place to go for a weekend trip. What else is there to do in Littlehampton?

Loving your blog, you've been to some amazing restaurants in the last 10 months or so.

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