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There's a rather prescient article over on the Guardian food blog on this particular topic:


£95 for 3 courses is shocking isn't it. Enjoy Magdalen.

Ben Bush

Thanks Chris. I'd just finished adding a comment to it as it happens. This one's even better, if only for the first comment: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/food/2007/10/the_food_of_love.html

Just been checking your site and you're the second person who's eaten well recently at the Prince of Wales in Putney. I'm strangely ambivalent about this as it used to be my local. A proper old smelly carpet London boozer with a big dog and overflowing ashtrays. Can't quite believe it's gone gastro, and I'm not altogether sure I approve! Will drag myself over there sometime and have a look...


How miserable - but your post was very amusingly written.


This sort of p*ss taking is precisely why I've long since abandoned going out on Valentine's Day. I'm sure Magdalen was infinitely better than the £95 meal would have been. Not to mention cheaper...


It was lovely. Managed to spend a little more than £95 a head but that was everything to do with some rather gratuitous activity on my part at the Southern end of the wine list and nothing at all to do with any sharp practice on the menu, which was as small and perfectly formed as it ever is. The place was full (presumably across both sittings), everyone looked happy and no-one felt ripped off. Not that hard is it, now, is it?

maria verivaki

Fully agree with Ben Bush, love a good food story.


Ha, those are the three little words I dread at almost any time of year. And the plateful of cheesy mushroomy stodge that they often prefigure is generally not designed to put one in the mood for romantic frolics.


Our menu, was, as usual £5, £15, £5. I can understand the urge to charge more. Some people just will pay anything. I just can't bring myself to do it...and actually, it's nice to have a full restaurant in the depths of February!


I keep meaning to try Magdalen, based on this blog and your great reviews. Instead I tried El Faro on Valentine's day - no set menu, and we ate happily for £50 a head. Thanks for the review of it - I never would have known about it otherwise.

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