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It just seems so damn worthy. When you've got restaurants like St John, Vinoteca, Great Queen Street etc serving really good food, the thought of places like SAF or dare I say the Waterside, seem thoroughly depressing to me. And this coming from a man who usually finds half of any given menu is verboten due to religious reasons. I should embrace this sort of place, but I just can't.


It does seem excessively stern.


This has been on my list for a while! Sounds interesting. I am curious more than anything else. Now even more so after your review :-)

Isabelle Plasschaert

I've been to Saf at the end of March 2009 to take pictures for the magazine The Jellied Eel. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a vegan restaurant. I tried several dishes and I was pleasantly surprised. The ones I tried were raw as well as vegan....

At the end of the photo-session the bar-man made some cocktails for me to take pictures of, of course, and yes, I couldn't..., had to..., kind of, had to... , drink them.... I went home in a merry mood on a rainy Tuesday afternoon.

If you want to see the pictures, follow the link below.

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