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Now that is a "proper" Stag weekend.

Was you inside at L XV? The terrace is stunning too.


You are an excellent best man. What a stupendous weekend you organized! A great read.

P.S. I love Nandos. I can't deny it.


That sounds like the best weekend ever! Great report; I'm going to Nice in a couple of weeks and I'd love to try some of these places.


2 points:

1. I think the cost of breakfast may have had something to do with my choice of champagne (+ the quantities of it we consumed), for which I apologise.

2. I'm going back to the Louis XV the weekend after next for the full dinner. Will report back on my return.

Andy Hayler

You ate lunch at Louis XV on Friday - I was there for lunch the day before. It is stunning value for EUR 130 given that this includes cheese, and wine, as well as the 3 courses.

Ben Bush

Mark, no need to apologise: given the way the rest of the weekend was likely to shape up, decent fizz was a prerequisite I think.

Andy, we were there on Saturday. Glad you enjoyed it too.

And Sam, yes, we were inside but we were still there when the rest of the diners had finished up (imagine) so we took the opportunity to have a drink on the terrace too and watch the Ferraris go by. Lovely.


This is a great blog-- thanks for writing it. I'm obsessed with food and I've been trying to write more about London restaurants on my own blog http://backwardscity.blogspot.com/ Let me know what you think.

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