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I've been eyeing this place up for a while; I really got into Sichuanese food since I got Dunlop's Sichuan Cookery. You've given me the push I needed!

Jon Tseng

Noodles are OK. Baozi a bit random. Nothing like the real thing - meat one has some strange sloppy/juice sauce in it which dripped everywhere, and filling far to meagre.


Joshua Armstrong

It's a great little place ins't it. I've just had some takeaway from lunch here for the second time although not got around to eating in yet though or blogging a takeaway.

First time I had 'Hot and sour pork noodles', which were cold wheat noodles with a lip numbingly spicy cubed pork sauce and this lunch was 'Peace and happiness noodles', a bowl of soup noodles filled with small quantities of three meats and large quantites of near raw quarter cloves of garlic. Both were very good.

I must eat in and I must try their dumplings and buns.

Jonathan Fandango

I too enjoyed those Baozi Dumplings. The fluffiness on the inside is enough to make you melt into heaven. I'm planning on returning in a few days to try some Spicy "Dragon" Wanton. Excellent Restaurant that deserves 5 stars.

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