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Burak Alpar

My personal favourite BMs can be found at the Windsor Castle in Notting Hill (nicely tucked away from the high street so there's no traffic or crowd noise to disturb your recuperation). Apparently, a shot of sherry is one of the secret ingredients at the Castle.


I too love Bloody Marys but I've had some real abominations, namely at Keston Lodge in Angel. It tasted disgusting, like old dirty celery juice.

Did you try the bloody mary at Bacchus? They were a thing of great beauty; completely clear red-inged tomato juice, served in a martini glass with just the right amount of vodka and a little chilli oil floating on top.

When I was at an awards do in Kinsale one Irish barman told me that the secret to a good bloody mary was indeed sherry - and a drop of Guinness, of course.

Ben Bush

How about those rather good bloody marys at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon a couple of years ago?

'Bloody Sound' I seem to remember.

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