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How were the razors compared to Hereford Road?

Loving Annie

What is a caesar-ish salad ? I love the garlic and croutons and romaine in a good salad...

Carbs are always my friends. My waistline will tell you that, sigh.

Looking forward to your upcoming review of The River Cafe !

Ben Bush

I think Hereford Road might have had the edge, and not just because they magaged to get rid of all the grit! I'm a sucker for anything with a bit of chorizo thrown in though! The main thing is two places within two days getting the cooking spot on. Would that it were ever thus...

@Loving Annie
Romaine, I think, yes, and croutons too. I even thought I detected a hint of anchovy but Antonia disagreed. She's a veggie and good at spotting that kind of thing so I we must assume she was right.


I'm a bit *meh* about Eyre Brothers, having been there twice in 5 years. Not a regular, then, obviously... but disappointing both times isn't going to hurry me back. Nice to hear a good report, though, as it's so near. I'd encourage your visit to The River Cafe. Been brilliant every time I've been there (more often than Eyre, so I feel like a relative expert!).

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