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Good Lord! Well I must say that all turned out rather well didn't it? I was a little worried for you around the middle there, pre-suture. I mean, it looked a bit all over the place! You did a fantastic job though and what fine sewing skills you have! Great crispy skin and when cut open, it looks fantastic! Loving how the cat was just not interested either, perhaps it was just overwhelmed?

Alastair Vaan

Awesome job.



Magnificent Ben, don't think I'd have the cohones to attempt that dish. Looks damn good.

Gourmet Chick

This is very impressive. I think I would be too intimidated to even attempt it...


Hi Ben

I have never seen or heard of a roast idea as amazing as this! Well done and i'm sure it must have tasted as delicious as it looked! Great sewing skills too - i loved how you finished it off with the cute little bow at the end!! If i had attempted it i'm sure the outer bird would have taken on a more surrealistic look, and not intentionally. We had a nice quiet entirely cooked on the barbie xmas lunch on our balcony. Do post some piccies of your flat and kitchen once it's done okay! Cheerses and sawaddeekhas,
Allie in Bkk


Absolutely amazing sight! For food addicts like myself it is not just about the eating but about the anticipation and presentation. Some great photos. Be interested to know how you would present this dish in a way that does it justice! Peter

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