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Alastair Vaan

I imagine Environmental Health would love to be on the guest list :-) Having said that, if these places are really that popular, I imagine they're already tracking them down...HACCP anyone?


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Alistair, that was said with a vicious glee. I have a food hygiene certificate and I've worked in enough professional kitchens to know that my kitchen is way cleaner.

Alastair Vaan

I'm sure it is.

Not the point I'm making however. I would love to circumvent personal and premises licensing, music licenses, health and safety and fire regulation, kitchen registration, taxes, business rates, waste collection, planning, training... the list goes on. I can't get around these bureaucracies or overheads, hence viscious glee is actually tinged with hard nosed jealousy. You are also potentially taking away custom from restaurants who need it in this current climate.

I love the concept, but as a restaurateur myself I can't possibly condone it in any way, and were you in my neighbourhood I would take action as a threat to my business.

Just a necessary point of view. I apologise if it seems a bit hardline.



In California, there was a billboard...'3 things to do when in Los Angeles: 1) Go to Disneyland 2) Go to Knotts Berry Farm 3) Go to the beach' . Who paid for this billboard? Knotts Berry Farm, a rival theme park to Disney. Why did they pay for this? Because everytime attendance goes up at Disney, it goes up at Knotts Berry Farm.
A one night a week supper club with 20 people is in no way competition for local restaurants.
Anything that increases interest in food is good for restauranteurs.

Account Deleted

I think it's a fab idea in a recession, although choose your guests wisely!

Love the blog - have added you to my links - could you reciprocate?


Out on The Town

Competiton is good. Perhaps in this current climate restaurants will go the extra mile.

Perhaps they will view dining guest as a privilage,maybe be a little kinder, a little more concerned about their guest happiness.

A little more adventerous with the food choices, maybe go out on a limb and consistantly kind and employee people that actually care about the business.......Just a thought.


Adrian, you miserable man.

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