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Matt & Cat

Welcome back, and ta for the link. You've beaten us to the Hamborough even though we could drive there in 25 minutes, and a worthy review you made of it. So now you've given such an enticing glimpse we're just going to have to follow in your footsteps! Congratulations on taking such nice photos, too. We know from experience that it!s not easy to enjoy a meal and photograph it at the same time. But next time you come down let us show you some other delights!

Ben Bush

Thanks guys. Will do! Not sure when the next trip will be but it would be fun to meet up.


It's taken us a week to write but we have finally posted our review of the Island's only (so far!) Michelin-starred restaurant. Now it's back to cream teas and farm cafes for us until we can save up for the Hambrough's sister restaurant, the Pond Cafe! www.mattandcat.co.uk

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