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I must g soon - I'm a short walk away. So glad to hear there's something decent in this neck of the woods!


That is a seriously pink sorbet :)


The ravioli are to die for - as are the ice creams!


are any of the pastas vegetarian? or is it all liver n' innards....

Ben Bush

Yes. My girlfriend is a veggie. There wasn't a huge selection but more than many places we've been.


Just wanted to add my twopenneth. I went here two nights ago, and also had a fabulous meal. Amazing slow cooked cuttlefish and octopus, home made italian sausage (the ravioli were also great), and then really amazing gelato. The pumpkin and amaretto, and pear and myrtleberry in particular were great. This place is a real gem for SE Londoners!

Ben Bush

Thanks Sharmila. I went again last Saturday and had almost exactly the same meal as you. The only difference was I was too full for gelato (although I managed a single scoop of wild fennel sorbet). Happy to report the first visit was no flash in the pan. Very good once again.


I live about 100 metres from Babur and 200 from Le Querce - I'm so glad they are on the radar at last. Didn't realised you lived down this way too!


So glad to hear there's something decent in this neck of the woods!very delicious.I will go there for the food


Sssshhh! Don't tell everyone.

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