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I was this close to going to Sitaaray for my birthday do - we ended up in Souk Bazaar instead.

From your experience, it sounds like I made the right choice!

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I've been to the toilet bar a few times - it is one of those places that any London drinker should visit. I really like it so long as you are not too close to the back where the loo is. Despite the funky loo door, the drains do occasionally smell at the back there. A small space up near the bar is the best place to watch the acts from.
Piers from www.londonappetizer.com


Toilet bar looks ace. Thanks - I've been looking for a quirky place to go. Is there a particularly good night to go on or always nice? Have you tried the tea rooms bar around tottenham court road/goodge street? I tried to go once but walked in a private function and had to hurridly back out. Reviews look good though.

Anyway, have some foodie info that might be of interest to you. If you could give me an email at clairet@cakegroup.comthat would be ace. Thanks!

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