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Great review. I agree with you - hard to be objective when criticising it from the POV of a food blogger. Still, it's an enjoyable, if sentimental couple of hours.

Ben Bush

Thanks Ollie. I also had to try to forget all the other reviews I'd read on blogs (including yours). Not easy!


I didn't go to the en masse bloggers' screening of this, as it wasn't really the kind of film that appealed to me and I'd never heard of either character. I think I'll wait for the DVD.

The Greenwich Picturehouse is great, isn't it? Monday nights are half price on tickets, though last time I went I was sat next to a man who cracked open a can of Special Brew, then ate a packet of Quavers and then snored through the film.

Ben Bush

Thanks Lizzie. If only the Rivington wasn't closed on Mondays. Incidentally, for the same reason it's best avoided on Sunday nights too - they tend to run out of menu items. Any other time, though, it rocks.

I can lend you the book if you like. Quite interesting from a blogger's perspective.


I really enjoyed the film, thought Meryl Streep's performance was fantastic. I haven't read Julie Powell's book but it was obvious that either she wasn't liked by the producers/screenwriters or, she wasn't likeable.
But let us take heart, it's the first film about a blogger!

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