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Sad news indeed - I have all of this mans cookbooks and he taught us all what matters is good ingredients simply cooked. If it goes wrong it really doesnt matter. Like a lot of gastronauts I'll be raising a glass to bid him farewell later ...


It's funny...anytime Julie & Julia comes up, you guys (people of the U.K.) are like, "Who's Julia Childs?" And when everyone's been talking abotu Keith Floyd, I'm like, "Um, Rolling Stone? Pink Floyd? No...no that's right." Regardless, may he rest in peace. Sounds like a beautiful guy.

Ben Bush

Hey Krista. You're right: I was only dimly aware of Julia. Although having read the J&J book (not yet seen the film) I know a lot more now. I'm not sure whether the parallel really holds up: in my mind Floyd was less about technique and more about entertainment and enthusiasm and convincing people that there was something beautiful (and nothing at all to be ashamed of) in cooking and eating great food. Having said that a lot of people seem to swear by his cookbooks. I don't have any but I'll be keeping an eye out for them from now on...

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