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Excellent write-up. I didn't realise the main dessert was so disliked! I would go back for that turbot dish alone. Or the pork scratchings. Or the lamb. Or...

Richard Elliot

Sounds fantastic, and some great photos.

Looks like a lot of food. Was it too much? Although if the food was brought slowly over four and a half hours it may just have been perfect.

How many of you were there, it seemed like a number of the dishes might have been to taste / share.

Ben Bush

@Lizzie. Not disliked. Just less successful than the rest.

@Richard. There were five of us. We all got individual portions but, yes, they brought several of them out en masse so it was very convivial. Portions weren't too big and there were lots of long-ish but comfortable gaps so we generally felt satisfied but not stuffed by the end of it. Exactly as it should be.

Ben Bush

I had a meal at the Sportsman in August. I have two regrets . . . one is that I didn't have a full tasting menu, the other is that I wasn't able to return and join you for this meal.

I love the oyster and chorizo combination. It's a huge flavour hit but it's also a very interesting texture combination with the chewy chorizo that breaks apart and the silky oyster that gradually envelopes it.

For dessert we had a textbook lemon tart with a fantastic meringue ice cream.

I can't wait to go again.


I've really got to check out this place. Great pictures too...really gives the feel of the place.
I can't believe you ate that many desserts...

Kim Davids

My friends have a beach house 10 mins walk from the sportsman for hire if you ever want to be able to roll home from it.....
i have been but before 'the star'! those pork scratchings look amazing.
kim x

here is the beach house

NB i was looking to see if you had been to sketch as that is where matt is going on weds,


All looks lovely, especially that ham and bread. Harvey's beer, too. It's on the list.

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