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A Facebook User

Lovely write up Ben, + that top picture with the leeks + red cabbages is just gorgeous. Even more so than the one of Tim!

Richard Elliot

Sounds a great evening. I love the Hawksmoor, a fab place.

Going to lunch at Rules next week, the restaurant came back on my horizon after your review a couple of months back.

Ben Bush

Thanks Richard. Make sure you make time for a drink in the bar upstairs before or afterwards. Or possibly both...

Fi, I'm looking forward to explaining to Tim how you've been comparing with with untrimmed vegetables.


Lovely write up Ben abd thanks for the kind words. It was a superb team effort I thought and kudos to all involved. Those chickens came in mighty useful, fifn't they?!

Richard Elliot

Went to Rules on Wednesday and had a fantastic lunch. Thanks for the tip about having a drink in the bar. A shameless plug, but I've done my own inferior review here:

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