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I really enjoyed reading that Ben! Lizzie


Excellent write up - you really should blog more.

I'm already planning my next visit, although it will sadly have to wait until my wallet recovers.


I have not yet been to FD, it's on my list but I really ought to make an effort to get around to it.

PS "Conversation dries up in the heat of the meat." made me giggle.


For our first FD meal, you're combining two dishes into one . . . There was a white chocolate disk with caviar that we were told to put on our tongue and allow to melt. The salty caviar beads started to run through the choc. The other dish was three different purees of varying sweetness . . . the waiter put the spoon into our mouth and then with a stopwatch told us exactly what we'd be tasting at intervals.

Ben Bush

@Lizzie: Thanks sweetie. How's Welsh Wales?

@Chris: Blogging more? Yes, probably. Keeps me out of trouble. Ish.

@kavey: You should

@Howard: I'll believe you. There have been many other dishes in the intervening eight years. Still weird though. Funnily enough we had some ice cream on Friday that achieved the three-flavour thing. Ginger, cardamon and banana I think. It was at Le Querce in Brockley and was lovely (despite the lack of spoon-feeding or stopwatches!).


this is poetry.


Wonderful description of a meal I've always wanted to experience. So they allow you to take pictures at the table? I'm surprised!


These photos make me drool. I had a similar hot & iced tea at Mathias Dahlgren in Stockholm, and it blew my mind! The 'Sound of the Sea' dish is so beautiful, too!

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