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So Brockley is the new Shoreditch? I think the man who used to be the most beautiful man in Glasgow lives there.


Le Querce is easily as good as Babur!

Ben Bush

@Kate I'm inclined to agree, but it hasn't been singled out for praise in the same way as Babur.

@Rachel Did he lose his looks? I think there's a sign in Jam Circus that agrees with your Shoreditch statement.


Excellent post - I love Brockley. 15 minutes to Tayyabs! (and then a good hour in the queue...)

Hypnotherapy London

Brilliant post. Brockley is the place to be, I love it!


Good, accurate post, although missing out the fantastic Carribean takeaways is a disservice. Degustation is a strange but wonderful place! Also Toads Mouth is worth mentioning for good coffees, ideal for lazy weekend days. nearby Meze Mangal on Lewisham Way also has a fair few fans, although purists will claim that counts as Deptford! Go Brockley!


How could you fail to mention Toads Mouth Too?! Right across from the station and a real gem. Sometimes can feel like a victim of its own success (especially on a weekend morning) but there's a reason it gets so ludicrously busy!

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