An erstwhile philosopher and cognitive scientist I now make a living messing around with computers in London. My main interests are food and music.

I try to cook some ambitious stuff, with varying degrees of success. I love trying new restaurants and bars - they make life more enjoyable, but also say and do a bit more than that. I adore simple pub food but also haute cuisine . . . I'm in awe of Heston Blumenthal.

Living in London is great for discovering new music. I like a load of different stuff but mainly like things that are a bit experimental and they stand a good chance of being noisy or bleepy or both.


Ben Bush

Having stumbled through a series of science based qualifications, I arrived in PR and marketing via a stint as editor of a techie trade magazine. The job endorses, indeed actively encourages, my interest in going out for lunch and I am loving the chance to write about it too. Outside food, I read a lot of quirky (and geeky) books, watch too much television and follow most sport, with a particular emphasis on cricket. Dream job: roving global cricket and restaurant critic.

Food-wise, I’m essentially a back to basics fan. Fine ingredients, sensibly sourced and well looked after, sympathetically prepared to bring out all their best qualities. I’m never happier than when spending all day in the kitchen bringing everything together slowly but surely to produce a fine feast for my friends. Except perhaps when I’m picnicking with them at Lord’s. Hugh F-W is a personal hero: his Meat book changed my life. I love the fact that there are people out there pushing the boundaries of cooking with interesting new flavour combinations and amazing techniques (and technology) but I suspect I will always lean towards classical French and English cooking at its best.